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Biola University’s Computer Science program equips the students with a comprehensive understanding of the theory and practice of computing, providing enriching experiences in theoretically grounded problem solving based on an analysis-design-implementation paradigm. With a holistic perspective of the integration of faith and learning in view, the program prepares the students to embark upon successful careers through which they can reach out to the world for Jesus Christ while serving in secular or faith-based organizations.

Brian Hall (’96), a computer science alumnus, was recently awarded a Scientific and Technical Achievement Academy Award for his work in computer graphics software used in films such as The Amazing Spider-Man and Oz the Great and Powerful . See an interview of Brian on Biola News.

Computer Science employment trends: Computer Science (CS) related jobs are among the highest paid, highest satisfaction jobs of the projected highest growth jobs. See more about computer science job opportunities and careers. Contact Dr. Lin for more details about the computer science program:

Congratulations to our graduates (2018)
  • Isaiah Bernardos
  • Cu Hauw Hung
  • Matthew Kang
  • Peter Leung
  • Thomas Mallow
  • Alex Patton
  • David Ramos
  • Timothy Ryu
  • Alec Sloan
  • Isaac Stoops
  • Krys Strong
  • William Strong
  • Dennis Sue
  • Luke Sweatman
  • Kristoffer Swodeck
  • Daniel Vosecky
  • Daniel Wilson
  • Muyi Young

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