Curriculum Map, Computer Science Program

Course Key Course Title PLO 1 PLO 2 PLO 3 PLO 4
CSCI 105 Intro to Computer Science I I I I,D
CSCI 106 Data Structures I I I
CSCI 220 Computer Org and Assembly Language D D D
CSCI 230 Programming Languages D D D
CSCI 311 Operating Systems D D
CSCI 335 User Interface D D
CSCI 400 Theory of Algorithms M
CSCI 402 Database Management Systems D D D,M
CSCI 430 Computer Communications D D D,M
CSCI 440 Compiler Theory M
CSCI 440 Theory of Computation M
CSCI 440 Computer Graphics M
CSCI 440 Artificial Intelligence M M
CSCI 440 Systems Programming M M
CSCI 450 Software Engineering M M
CSCI 480 Research Seminar M M M

    D=Developed and Practiced with Feedback
    M=Mastery at the level appropriate for Graduation