Nature of Computing
CSCI 104 –Wed./Fri.

Fall 2006


Instructor: Matthew Weathers


Class Web Site: (Syllabus, general info)

Blackboard Site:  (Online Grades, announcements)

The Announcements section of the Blackboard site will contain the most up-to-date information about the class, and I will use BUBBS email as the primary way of making class announcements.


My Contact Information:

By email:          Matthew Weathers on BUBBS ( or

By Phone:         Biola Ext 5173, or (562)944-0351 x 5173  (My Biola Office)

                        Mobile Phone: (562)322-7427 (Okay to call any time, I turn off ringer at night)

                        Math Department Secretary: Biola Ext 4741, (562)903-4741

Office:              White 48A (McNally 48A)


Lectures:        Library Downstairs Classroom: Wednesday/Friday 11:30am-12:20pm


My Goals: By the end of the semester, I hope to teach you:

  1. To have a better understanding of some fundamental concepts in various branches of computer science and computer technology
  2. To further develop some basic computer skills: using applications, making web pages.
  3. To appreciate the historical and conceptual development of computer science and computer technology by studying some broad aspects of its history.
  4. To gain insight into how some questions of technology interact with philosophy and theology, as well as some other disciplines such as art and mathematics.
  5. To become comfortable in your ability to use technology and to learn on your own.


Grading Criteria

18%     Weekly Reading Questions (9 weeks, 2% each)

40%     Assignments (8 Assignments, about 5% each)

20%     Test 1 – Midterm – October 6

22%     Test 2 – Final Exam – Monday, December 11, 12:30pm-2:30pm


You cannot turn in the Weekly Reading Questions late.  If you must miss class, email me the answers or send them with someone else.  There will be a penalty for turning in the Assignments late, (and a maximum of 1 week late allowed).


Required Text:

Computer Confluence, 7th Edition George Beekman, Michael J. Quinn.


Schedule of Lectures: (Wednesday/Friday)



Homework Due

Aug 23

Intro/BUBBS/Digital Locker


Aug 25

Files/Folders Organization & ZIP

HW1 – Email Me

Aug 30

Ch 0 – Internet Basics

Reading Questions – Ch 0


LABOR DAY – September 4


Sep 1

Ch 0 – Backups / Security

HW2 – Files/ZIP

Sep 6

Ch 1 – History: Computers & Internet

Reading Questions – Ch 1

Sep 8

Ch 1 – History of Internet Video Part 1


Sep 13

Using MS Word, media in documents


Sep 15

Ch 2 – Binary Numbers, Representation

Reading Questions – Ch 2

Sep 20

Ch 2 – Hardware, Ch 3

HW3 – Word

Sep 22

Using Excel


Sep 27

Ch 3 – Disk Storage

Reading Questions – Ch 3

Sep 29

Ch 4 – Software

HW4 – Excel

Oct 4

Ch 4 – Operating Systems

Reading Questions – Ch 4

Oct 6



Oct 11

HTML / Intro to web pages


Oct 13

Ch 5, Dreamweaver Basics

Reading Questions – Ch 5




Oct 25

Ch 6 – Graphics/Images

HW5 – Web Page: Genesis

Oct 27

Ch 6, Photoshop


Nov 1

History Video Part 2

Reading Questions – Ch 7

Nov 3

Ch 7 – Identity Theft, Privacy

HW6 – Web Page: Part 2

Nov 8

Using Visual Basic


Nov 10

Ch 8 – Networks / Wireless

Reading Questions – Ch 8

Nov 15

Ch 8 – Interpersonal Computing


Nov 17

Ch 9 – Internet / WWW

HW7 – Visual Basic




Nov 29

Ch 9 – Web Applications


Dec 1

Ch 9 – Web Applications

Reading Questions – Ch 9

Dec 6

Ch 10 – Security


Dec 8

The Future

HW8 – Final Project/Paper

Dec 11

FINAL EXAM: Monday 12:30-2:30pm

11:30am Section (WF)


Academic Integrity: Plagiarism is the act of presenting someone else’s ideas and work as your own. It ranges from not citing the sources of ideas and textual excerpts to turning in an essay written by someone else.  Plagiarism at Biola is not tolerated, and may result in failing the assignment or the course and further discipline by university officials.

Students with Disabilities: Students desiring accommodations for this class on the basis of physical, learning or psychological disability are to contact the Office of Disability Services.  The Office of Disability Services is located in the Student Services Building and can be reached at ext. 5851.


I am looking forward to this opportunity to teach you this semester, and hope that I can help you see a little bit more of the goodness, truth, and beauty of God.  Feel free to let me know if there’s any way I can make this a more valuable learning experience for you.