Blackboard Start Sheet for Students





What is Blackboard? It is interactive dynamic learning that occurs via the Internet. It may or may not be part of your classroom experience and is up to your professor’s discretion as to whether it is utilized as part of your learning experience. Materials may be posted here, exams may be taken and interactive communication and discussions could take place. Contact your professor to find out if Blackboard will be used with your course.


Readiness for Blackboard requires a few things such as, a computer that has the latest browsers and plug-ins installed. The System Requirements Tune Up will give you everything you need and, Biola’s computer labs are well equipped if you prefer to use them. Additionally, an attitude of taking on your share of responsibility for your learning experience and a willingness to expand your capacity to work independently will put you in good stead for distance learning.


Do I have to use Blackboard? Maybe yes, maybe no. Contact your professor to find out if Blackboard is part of your course.




Student Log In URL


Student Username and Password Information


1. User Name = Biola ID number without “zeros.”

Example: 483297


2. Password = In ALL CAPS: 1st character of your first name + 1st three characters of your last name + last four digits of your SS#. Example: If Jane Baker’s SS# is 123-33-4432, her password is JBAK4432

Special Situation #1:

If you do not have a SS# in Biola’s administrative system, use the four digits of your birth year (e.g., 1985) instead of the last four digits of your SS#. Example: If John Smyth was born in 1985, his password is JSMY1985. 


Special Situation #2:

If your last name has less than four digits (e.g., John Oh), use your entire last name. Example: If John Oh’s SS# is 123-33-4344, his password is JOH4344.


When you first enter Blackboard:

There are two “housekeeping” items you should take care of when you first enter Blackboard. You can take care of both items in the Personal Information section (click the last link in the left-side menu).


1. Change your password. On the first page inside Blackboard, go to Personal Information to change your password into your own choice.


2. Check your first name and last name. For some students, your first name and last name will appear in reverse order. If you are one of these students, please retype your first name and last name in the appropriate fields.


System Requirements Tune Up

All students must visit this page to set up the computer that will be used for taking Blackboard courses. If you are using Biola’s computer labs, these browsers and plug-ins are already installed/upgraded.

Click on the link to access the Tune Up.


Blackboard User Manual



Problems? Contact Dr. Gene Berryhill on BUBBS: