Homework 2 - Organizing Files & Folders and Using ZIP

Due Sept 6 Mon/Wed (Sept 1: Wed/Fri).

Goals for this Assignment

I want to make sure you know how to manage files and folders.  You will need to know how to move & rename files, create folders, use email attachments, and download files from a web site.  Also, you will need to know how to ZIP and un-ZIP compressed folders on a Windows computer.

Your Assignment

Summary: Gather several files from different places, organize them into folders, then put everything into one big ZIP file, then email that ZIP file to me as an attachment.

Step 1: Gather 20 specific files from these places:

  • Save and Unzip the files I sent you in an email attachment (look for subject "Files for HW2"). I will send you 7 files.
  • Download and Unzip the files on this web page: (Right-click and do Save Target As... or Save Picture As...)

    Files_For_HW2.zip (9 files in here)

    And get these 3 files from right here:

    Constitution-Article 6.doc

  • Create a document called "Declaration.doc", which should be a Microsoft Word document which contains the text of the 1776 Declaration of Independence.

All of this should add up to 20 different files - make sure you have all 20.

Step 2: Rename, Reorganize

  • Rename some of the files with obscure names (Like Untitled1.doc or Image-CD...).  Name them something more descriptive.
  • Create a new, empty folder to store all these files in
  • In that folder, create two new folders, one named text and one named pictures.
  • Inside the text folder, create two subfolders named constitution and declaration
  • Inside the pictures folder, create three subfolders named: fall colors, city, and other
  • Organize your files into these folders.

Step 3: Zip, Email

  • Make one big ZIP file with all of this in it, and name it according to you last name, like HW2_LastName
  • Send that ZIP file as an attachment to Matthew Weathers on BUBBS

How to ZIP and UnZIP

to ZIP: Select the files you want to ZIP, then right-click, choose Send To... and choose Compressed (zipped) Folder.  That will make the ZIP file for you.  Next, you'll probably want to rename that ZIP file.

to unZIP: Right-click on the ZIP file, choose Extract All, then click Next, then Next, then Finish, and it will show all the extracted files.  You can then move them if you need to.