Homework 3 - Editing a Document in Microsoft Word

Due Wednesday, September 25 Mon/Wed (Sept 20: Wed/Fri).  Worth 60 points.

Your assignment is to fix up this document: Lincolns_First.doc, which contains President Lincoln's first Inaugural Address.  Rename to something with your last name in it, like HW3_Jones.doc, then fix it up, as described below, then email it to me on BUBBS.

Change all of the following things in the document:

  • Make the first line (the title), centered horizontally on the page.
  • Make the first line 20-point size
  • Change the rest of the document to have 12-point size
  • Make the second line, the date, right-justified
  • Make the whole document use the Lucida Sans Unicode font.  See Figure 1.
  • Fix the incorrectly formatted paragraphs (like the 3rd paragraph, which has a carriage return paragraph marker at the end of each line.  It should just have one at the end of the paragraph)
  • Make each paragraph have a leading indent.  See Figure 2.
  • The 4th paragraph ("Resolved that...") is a quote.  Make this quote indented, and use italics.
  • Remove the extra stuff at the bottom of the document (the three extra lines)
  • Insert a Word Art item somewhere in the document
  • Insert a Clip Art item somewhere in the document

This assignment is worth 60 points, so each item listed above is worth about 5 points.

I will explain how to do these things in class.

Figure 1

Set document to use
12-point font


Figure 2

Indent the first line of each paragraph
by changing the ruler at top