Homework 4 - Creating Documents in Microsoft Excel

Due Oct 4 (Sept 29 WF Section). Worth 60 points.

Excel Assignments.

(1) Create a weekly schedule for yourself using Excel. Use colors, borders, and shading. Also, add at least two pieces of Clip Art. (20 points).  Make it look nice.

(2) Create a retirement plan using the formula shown below. Add some Clip Art and some Word Art. (40 points). Make it look nice.

I'll show you how to do these assignments in class, but here are some notes as a reminder.

To start the retirement plan worksheet, set up some columns and formulas as show in this diagram:

The dollar signs in front of the $C$3 in the formula in D7 will prevent that reference to C3 from changing as you drag the formula down the rest of the column.

To turn in the assignments, email them to Matthew Weathers on BUBBS as attachments.