Homework 5 - Bouncing Lines Screensaver Project

Due Friday, November 11.

The goal for this project is to duplicate the "Mystic" Windows Screensaver.

In-Class Exercise - Friday, November 4th

Draw a line instead of two circles

Turn trails on/off by putting an IF statement around the part that erases the old line

Change color every 20 lines (use a counter and a variable for color)

Make an array to remember previous positions

Your Homework - Finish the project

Currently, the project just draws a single line from ball1 to ball2.  Make several arrays so you can have 10 bouncing points, and draw a 10-sided figure.

You will need a 2-dimensional array for the Previous X and Previous Y position (one dimension is for each of the 10 points, the other dimension for the number of lines in the trail left behind)

Email me a copy of the bouncing_lines.cpp code when you're finished.