// Handout #1: Source code of a C++ Program, which


// converts distance in miles to kilometers.




#include <iostream>  //inclusion of support for doing input & output


using namespace std; //declare access to standard stuff like cin, cout




// Beginning of main function


int main()             




      // Declaration of three variables


      double KM_PER_MILE = 1.609;    // for storing a constant: 1.609 km equals a mile


      double miles;             // for storing the input data: distance in miles


      double kms;          // for storing the result: distance in kilometers




      // Get the input of distance in miles.


      cout << "What is the distance in miles?" << endl;


      cin >> miles;


      cout << "The distance in miles is " << miles << endl;




      // Convert the distance to kilometers and store the result.


      kms = KM_PER_MILE * miles;




      // Display the distance in kilometers.


      cout << "The distance in kilometers is " << kms << endl << endl;





     // Display a good-bye message


     cout << "It is a pleasure to do this mile-to-kilometer conversion for you." << endl;


     cout << "Please enter any charcter and a return to quit the program." << endl;




     // Wait for the user input before ending the program

     char inputCharacter;    // Declare a variable for storing a character input from the keyboard

     cin >>  inputCharacter; // Wait to read in a character input from the keyboard



     //Finish the program and return the control to the operating system.

return 0;







//End of the main function.