On Creation and Computer Science: a Reflection on Faith and Learning


Purpose: There are interesting correlations between the process of design and implementation of computer programs and the process of creation and redemption. Examine the accounts of creation in Genesis and reflect on what you have learned about programming and computer science this semester. 


Step 1. Read Genesis 1:1-2:3 and spend at least 25 minutes to read and reflect on your programming experiences this semester and its similarity to what happened in the creation process depicted in Genesis 1:1-2:3

(i) As a programmer, you shape the behavior of your program according to your design and make it happen through an incremental programming process. The program you create is your brainchild, and when the program eventually works and behaves as you have planned nicely, you can feel good about it. In the process of creation, God saw that "it was good" when each stage was finished, and when everything was done, He saw that "it was very good".

(ii) In programming, we may encounter pitfalls in the process of the design and implementation of a computer program and the program may not behave as expected. When that happens, we do not like to just let it go; instead, we put further effort into it in order to rectify the problematic issues. We call these things bugs and take time to go through a debugging process to make it work. In Genesis Chapter 3, we see the downfall of mankind because of sins, and God has the plan of redemption to address the issues of sin and evil in order to restore His relationship with mankind.


Step 2. Put down your perspectives based on your refection.

Put down at least 400 words in a WORD document regarding the thoughts and comments you have in the refection process regarding: 

(i) the similarity between the process of creation and redemption with the process of design and implementation of computer programs which you have experienced this semester, 

(ii) the similarity between the creativity of God (the creator described in Genesis) and that of computer programmers and the creativity of computer programmers,  

(iii) the similarity between the description of what God felt as enjoyment in the harmony and beauty of the good world created in the beginning and what you feel about your programs when they finally work well after your careful planning and implementation, and 

(iv) the similarity between bugs (or viruses) and sins and the similarity between debugging (or anti-virus operations) and redemption.


Step 3. Put down and submit your reflection report.

Upload the WORD  file under canvas as a report to fulfill the assignment.