Exploring Implementation of MINIX File System


Due: Tuesday, Nov. 28


  1. Pick a subject: Each person should pick one study subject in the areas of MINIX file system such as the implementation of (i) the book-keeping mechanism regarding the information of free disk spaces, free INodes, and the super block, (ii) the mechanism for seeking a file to open it given the file name, and adding or deleting the data into the middle of the opened file, and (iii) the security mechanism to control the access to the data in files based on ownership and privilege settings, and so forth. It is possible that the entire group picks the same subject and collaborate in the study. But the groups should coordinate with one another to make sure that altogether the groups cover at least three different subjects.


  1. Proposal: In your proposal for the study, you should (i) describe the subject you pick, (ii) identify and list the key functions, the source code files, and the header files in the MINIX implementation that are related to your study subject, and (iii) provide a description of your initial understanding of the underlying data structures and algorithms used in the implementation of the code.


  1. Follow-up report: You should then trace the details of code and by early November you’ll have to provide an in-class update of your understanding of the code.


  1. Final Report:  You should keep documenting your findings together with an estimate of the amount of time you spend in the study. By the end of the semester, you should incorporate the findings into in your final MINIX study report.