Homework # 2


Due: Wednesday, Sept 14. ††††† Give me a printout or send it to me as an email attachment.


1.      See the description of this sample database with sample records.

2.      Write down SQL statements as specified in the following and save them in a text file.

        Write down three CREATE TABLE statements to create the tables as described in the sample database. You should set the column types, the primary key, and whether NULL is allowed in your CREATE TABLE statements according the description below. You donít have to set the foreign key constraint for this homework.

        Write down INSERT statements to insert the sample records described in the sample database below into the corresponding tables.


Useful references for doing this homework:

        Simple tutorial on the use of CREATE TABLE and INSERT INTO from W3Schools.

        Full syntax of CREATE DATABASE, CREATE TABLE and INSERT INTO from the MySQL online reference manual

        The overview handout on SQL