Guidelines of Database Project Report


Due date: Saturday Dec. 31.

Submit an electronic copy by email if possible,

instead of a hard copy.



Part 1: Database Design (30%)


        Summarize your database application domain. Your description should be clear but concise for a first-time reader to understand the essence of the application domain.

        Include an E/R diagram for your application domain. Don’t forget to underline key attributes and include arrows and numbers indicating the multiplicity of relationships.

        Display the structures (names and types of the columns, primary keys, and foreign keys) of the tables you create for the database application.

        Explain whether your tables are all in BCNF relation schemas.



Part 2: SQL (30%)


        For each table, list at least 5 sample records you have created for the table.

        List 12 interesting SQL queries over multiple tables of your database, and for each query

o       explain the purpose (i.e. what kind of information is intended to be retrieved by the query)and

o       display the result you got from running the query over your sample records in the tables.



Part 3: Web-Interface (30%)

        List the URL(s) of the main web page(s) of your interactive web application.

        Describe what your web application can allow the user to accomplish across the Internet. At least you should allow the user to see the contents of your individual tables. In addition, you should implement web interfaces for the user to try 5 or more of the 12 queries you have in Part 2.

        List the contents of the script files and web pages.


Part 4: Evaluation of your effort (10%)

        For each individual of your team, estimate the amount of time the individual has spent in the three parts above throughout the semester.

        List (i) things in progress but not yet accomplished and (ii) the technical problems you have encountered in the process of the project.