Database Management

CSCI 402, Fall semester, 2005

Instructor: Shieu-Hong Lin


Course Website:

Class: Monday, Wednesday 3:00~4:15pm

Office Hours: Mon. & Wed. 4:30-5:30 pm, Math & CS department


Course objectives:

        Be able to effectively use SQL in database management based on solid understanding of the mathematical foundation and of SQL and the SQL syntax of creating, querying, and modifying relational and object-relational databases.

        Be able to devise data models using entity-relationship (E/R) diagrams and then implement the data models as well-structured databases based on the concepts of functional dependencies and normal forms.

        Be able to design and develop a substantial database application with web-based interfaces using PHP or other scripting languages and technology.

        Gain a global picture of important issues in database design and implementation, such as storage management, query optimization, views, integrity constraints, triggers, transactions, and security.


Books & Related Resources

        Catherine Ricardo, Databases Illuminated,. Jones and Bartlett, 2005.

        Luke Welling, Laura Thomson, PHP and MySQL Web Development, 3rd Ed. SAM Publishing, 2005.

        Jason Gilmore, Beginning PHP 5 and MySQL, Apress, 2005.

        Official PHP web site:

        Official MySQL web site:



1.       Attendance & Participation 10%

2.       Readings & Written assignments 25%

3.       Projects 35%

4.       Midterm 15%

5.       Final 15%


Tentative Schedule

        Week 1 Overview

        Week 2 Intro to HTML, PHP, and MySQL

        Week 3 E-R diagrams

        Weeks 4~5 SQL and the relational algebra

        Week 6 More on PHP and MySQL

        Weeks 7~8 Web interfaces to MySQL using PHP

        Week 9 Review & Midterm

        Weeks 10~11 Functional dependency & normal forms

        Week 12 Query optimization

        Weeks 13~14 Advanced topics: transaction, distributed DBs

        Week 15 Project demonstration