In the image of God: Reflection on Human intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and Creation

Purpose: You have been developing intelligent programs for spelling recognition and probabilistic reasoning about typing behavior. You have also seen amazing things such as (i) Applications of deep learning and neural networks, (ii) the IBM Deep Blue machine for playing chess and (iii) the IBM Watson system for competing in the Jeopardy quiz show, and (iv) the Google car. Again there are many interesting correlations regarding human intelligence, artificial Intelligence, and creation. We would like to invite you to have some thoughts on it. 


Step 1. Spend at least 25 minutes to read this page on Integration of Faith and Learning in Computer Science on the Biola computer science website and reflect on Genesis 1:26-27 and Psalm 8 regarding the creation of mankind in the image of God and the very special role of mankind in God's plan.   Spend 5 more minutes to give thanks to God in your heart for the intelligence (intellectual capacity) we receive as gift from God's creation.


Step 2. Put down and submit your reflection report.

Put down 400 words or more in a WORD document regarding the thoughts and comments you have in the refection process. Upload the file under canvas as a report.

In this report,  put down the thoughts and comments you have in the refection process and in addition briefly describe your perspectives of (i) the relationship between human intelligence and creation, (ii) whether the pursuit of artificial intelligence is in a sense an attempt to create something in the image of mankind, (iii) whether you think artificial intelligence may one day make the computer capable of understanding you as well as your best friends can, and (iv) what would be the real difference between a computer like that and a real human beings.