Program and Curriculum

The Computer Science program at Biola endeavors to equip the students with solid foundational knowledge and skills in computer science and a holistic integration of faith and learning into their perspective of computer science. A Bachelor of Science of degree in Computer Science is offered upon completion of university baccalaureate and the computer science major in one of the two concentrations: the Computer Science concentration (56 units) and the Information Systems concentration (57 units). A Computer Science Minor is offered upon the completion of 21 required units.

The computer science curriculum follows the guidelines recommended by the Joint Task Force on Computing Curricula of IEEE Computer Society and Association for Computing Machinery. See the program catalog for more details about the Computer Science curriculum and compact course descriptions. Visit the web sites of computer science courses to see the syllabi and detailed information of the courses.

See the curriculum charts for the general pciture of courses to take in four years and the requirements to meet. When planning the courses to take, you also need to check the standard course schedule regarding how the computer science courses are offered in a two year cycle to make sure you will cover all the required courses.

Read the guidelines of writing competency requirement for the Computer Science majors to prepare for your writing-competency paper.

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